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"Someone told me that to get over my abortion, I had to grieve the loss of my baby. But how could I do that when I felt so guilty? I didn't think I had the right to grieve. But following this recovery program, I am a "new" person. I feel lighter and less burdened by my past. It was the best 9 weeks I ever spent... "

"I used to be so wrapped up in money, work, material things and the "unimportant" things, trying to find peace in my life. Now, I'm truly at peace in my heart, but not because of any "thing" but because I dealt with my "junk". Thank you for allowing me to see through the trees to find the clearing, and find true rest for my soul and spirit!

"I just wanted to thank you for this priceless gift provided to me and the other people in our group. You, and God, are truly helping to set the captives free. May God richly bless you .... "

"It's a safe place to talk with other couples who share the same experience. It made me finally deal with my own experience and feelings about it..."

"I am so glad I made the first call to you. During that call, you were so approachable, easy to talk to and shared your experiences, instead of shying away and being afraid when I wanted to talk about my abortion. My choice to abort had been culturally unacceptable by my family and I couldn't talk to any of them about how I felt. That call to you changed my life!"

"This group helped me to release all of my anger, guilt and shame..."

"I was really scared walking into the door of the program. But the warm greetings and friendliness of others in the group made me feel welcome and lowered my anxiety. I was terrified of more rejection in my life. There was NO rejection, only support, unconditional love and hope. I was able to release all of the terrible feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness. It was incredible to see that so many others felt the same way and gathered their courage to come to the program..."

"Thank you for guiding me through a difficult path in my life's journey... "

"This group gave generously to many people. Thank you for sharing your stories and healing with us!"

"Thanks for making my life feel "lighter" and happier. Thank you for helping me accept the forgiveness from God toward myself. The more I know my past is forgiven, the more I want to be with and help others..."

"My life and family are different now. Thank you for changing it. May God bless you with countless positive days in your life."

"Thank you for making my life happier. I am so glad that you were so open and shared your stories to help take away women's pain. You've sure helped change my life."

"Thank you for your dedication and support of me and all the women in this amazing support group. You are helping them have the gift of forgiveness, which is priceless!"

"With this support group, I learned that my parents abortion of my younger sibling wasn't MY fault. And that what my parents truly need is restoration for the choice they made. I've learned to forgive them and work through the emotional issues and division that abortion brought to our family. I wish my parents could seek help and healing themselves. I'll continue to pray for them. Thank you A.R.C. for all of your help, guidance and support."

"Thank you for giving me my wife back..."


We invite you to learn more about how people experience abortion and the amazing healing they find in a recovery program.  You may visit our message boards to see what others say or leave your own comments.

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