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Online Dedication for the Unborn

If you've lost a child - through your own abortion or someone you know - we're sorry for your loss.  We invite you to dedicate your beloved unborn to our Heavenly Father. We believe that forgiveness is God's gift and that because He so loved the little children, that He allows them all to return Home.

A person does not have to be the parent of an unborn child to honor that child's naming or by dedication. Abortion deeply affects more than just the mother.


  • A grandparent who talked, supported or drove their daughter to the abortion or may not even had known of their son/daughter's pregnancy.
  • The dad whose wife/girlfriend chose abortion against his better judgement, consent or even without his knowledge.
  • Children that were told their lives would be easier because a younger sibling was aborted.
  • The friend who drove a woman to the clinic pregnant, and back home "un" pregnant.
  • A family member, friend, counselor or clergy, who tried to talk a mother/father out of an abortion, and failed.
  • The nurse, clinic worker or abortion doctor who later regrets their participation in taking the lives of the unborn

Thus some children listed may have been dedicated by their mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunt/uncles, friends, clergy etc. Individuals, much like those above, can and have received help, healing and hope through an abortion recovery program.

We believe that names for the unborn are given by God, as He personally carries His children home to Heaven. Many of the children honored here, had family members pray about what God had already named their babies prior to having them dedicated (the stories of how He shared those names are amazing)! Others chose to name the children themselves. Some picked nicknames or words of endearment!

It doesn't really matter "how" the names were conceived, or who did it.

What matters is that these unborn babies have had their lives confirmed and dedicated to our Heavenly Father.

God blesses those who welcome his children,
as the Kingdom ultimately belongs to them!  
                  Matthew 9:14 & Mark 9:37

If you'd like to leave a dedication in honor of your unborn child, or a child lost in your family due to abortion, please feel free to do so.  Simply scroll down past the dedications to the message box below. For some this might not be an easy step, for some it might be the first. 

If you need to speak with an Abortion Recovery Specialist, please feel free to call us at: 1-866-4-MyRecovery (866-469-7329); email us at: or use the zip code seach on this website to find one of our Affiliates in your area.

NOTE: City and website fields are optional. Email is requested only to protect the integrity of those entering information. Your private information will not be disclosed.

Message Board
Name: KatDate: 10/3/2013
Dylan, it's been 11 years almost to the day since I laid on that table. Please, please forgive me for what I have done, my heart aches for you more then words can say. Although I'm not 100 % sure of your sex I feel you would have been a boy. I could give you all the reasons, I was young and in an abusive relationship with your father, I had been isolated from my family and friends, my previous pregnancy with your older sister was a nightmare to say the least. I should have put up more of a fight to keep you but I was so broken and too afraid to go against your father. I was so ashamed that I couldn't protect you that until now nobody but myself, the doctor and your father knows about you. I loved you, I wanted you. I was in such pain and denial for years I tried to tell myself that you were just a cluster of cells (I had them take you very early on) but now I am able to see you for what you were... You were my baby.... My son. And so today I give you this name and honor you in the best way I can. Your great grandma died days after you did, I know how she felt about all her grandchildren and great grandchildren, I pray that she was there for you. I became pregnant again about a year later I promised never to do it again but your baby sister or brother had formed in my tube and I lost that baby, I felt for a long time that this was my punishment for what I did to you. 2 years later I became pregnant again with your little sister I was at a point where I was able to escape (with your older sister) from your father, I feel guilt I wasn't able to do this for you but please understand it just wasn't safe at the time. I will love you till the day I die and hope that one day I can meet you and hold you in my arms.
Love mommy
State: Alberta
Country: Canada

Name: ieshaDate: 9/26/2013
how will you ever forgive me mommies little angels?

i miss yall nu and stank can yall send me a sign tonight or a message em anything...

i will not ever be at peace again it hurts so bad

mommie is sorry and may yall rest in peace nu and stank im sending kisses out to yall and im writing letters to yall i need yall to help me be strong the what if doesnt matter anymore mommy is sorry rest babies rest meet yall when i get there i wont ever forget about yal
State: la
Country: United States

Name: QDate: 9/20/2013
My sweet bub

All i can say as tears flow from my eyes is i love you and always will, i will never forget you , please forgive me mummy was under alot of stress at the time , i hope one day to find peace with my decision .....till we meet again dearest bubby

State: Qld
Country: Australia

Name: GiaDate: 9/19/2013
To my unborn child,

You will always be loved and never forgotten.

State: Minnesota
Country: United States

Name: HeartwrenchedDate: 9/16/2013
Dear my little angels,
How can I tell you how much I miss you. How much I wish to hold you in my arms and play with you
To say I miss you is an understatement.mummy misses you so much my heart yearns for you you would have been cute little boys.please forgive would have been two months old now I do miss you and really wanted to have you but your father wanted bone of you.i believe you are Ina better place and God will take good care of you.

State: South B
Country: Kenya

Name: Julie Date: 9/6/2013
God's little one.

I so regret for not believing that we would not have enough money to provide for you and not be able to have you.
This was such a lack of faith that God would provide for us.

I did not stand up to something that was so wrong and did not give you a chance to live. I regret not being able to hold you. God I pray I will see you in heaven happy and whole and to graze into your precious eyes.

i know that the angels held you when I did not and cared for you in my absence.

You have a beautiful half sister that was given up for adoption my junior year of High School. Also, you have one brother and sister.

I know you can see them and me as I shed tears for my wrongful decision. I know that by the grace of My Dear Precious Jesus and what he did on the cross I am forgiven and will remove all the guilt and shame.

Love you,
State: Co
Country: United States

Name: MomDate: 8/28/2013
Dear baby,
I'm not sure if you were a boy or a girl, but when I see you in my dreams, you come as a precious baby girl. Please understand that it was not your fault, but mine. Please understand that I did not want to do this, but felt I had to. Please understand, I love you so much, and I wish I could take it back. I regret my decision everyday, and I fully accept the pain I deserve. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, and miss you, and wish for a chance to take it back. I was 16, I was stupid, and I had no understanding of life. I'm so sorry. I pray that God allows me into Heaven, so I can be with you, and hold you, and tell you how much I love you. Your second birthday is in a month, and I'm making it a personal holiday. I love you, dear. Please forgive me!
State: IL
Country: United States

Name: KerriDate: 8/28/2013
Dear Baby,

A month from now, I would have been holding you in my arms. When I became pregnant, part of me knew right away that something was different and I was so afraid to admit it. I was terrified because I have always wanted a baby and I knew this was not the right time. I did not find out I was pregnant with you until I was two months along. The doctor told me I must have become pregnant between Christmas and New Years. What an amazing gift you would have been this year. I never talked about my choices, and everything happened before I had time to acknowledge what was happening at all. Not a day goes by that I do not think about you. As I sit here trying to hold back my sobs, the tears continue to flow out of my eyes. There is no way to say how sorry I am or how much guilt, regret, and shame I harbor. I know God must be disappointed with me for my decision, but I pray every day that you are safe and happy, being cared for both sets of your great grandparents. I wanted to be able to give you everything and grow up with two loving parents who were ready to be parents, but unfortunately only one of us was ready to do that. I am so sorry and I hope one day you will come back to me. I never thought I would ever have to make this decision and this is and will be the hardest decision of my life. I will love you always and I will never forget about you.

Love always,

State: CT
Country: United States

Name: KarenDate: 8/27/2013
Dear My little Anqel,

Im only 16, hes only 17, but i will never ever ever forqive myself for wat i did to yu bby. We are younq but we still couldve went thru it. We couldve done it '& i just had to end it. I qot to tht Gynecology with my biq sister ready to qet rid of yu for who knos wat reason cus theres no qood reason to do tht to a child who didnt desserve tht; i went in the bathroom took my clothes off put on the robe '& went into that terrible room layed down '& did as the doctor said. He sed im in qood hands, for me to close my eyes '& wen i wake up it'll be over. I closed my eyes '& felt tht Anastasia qo thru my whole body, soon as i felt it i tryed to open my eyes but i struqqled ; i wanted to qet up '& just run out of there but i couldnt even move next thinq yu kno i was sleep. It felt like i was sleep for hours , when i woke up i was sittinq on a chair in the recovery room. I still couldnt feel myself but all i can feel is tears cominq down. As much as i tryed to stop 'em i couldnt wat i felt was too stronq. Yu wudve been 3 Months w/ 3 More days to complete 4 Months. Im sorry sooo sooo sorry never will i forqive myself '& dont expect yu to do so either. My bby my little anqel. Yu probably wouldve looked just like yur father. I wish yu were still in my belly, im sorry tht i was a selfish cold hearted Stupid qirl. I cry everyday for this, this pain is the worst ive ever felt in my whole life, the worst pain any women can feel. I wish i was with yu, yu didnt desserve this YU DIDNT DESSERVE THIS! '& I HATE MYSELF for wat i did to yu im sorry. I couldve went thru this but now i have to live wit this pain '& reqret all my life. Never will i forqet about yu my sweetheart NEVER will i forqet about yu. Im Sorry. I didnt listen to my heart bcus if i wouldve done so i wouldntve done wat i did to yu A month '& 7 Days aqo :-* Te AMO I LOVE YOU Anqelito mio ! x3

Im Sorry. I LOVE YOU. You'll always be in my heart '& Tatted on the Left side of my Chest soon ! Idk wat else to do to show yu tht im truly sorry, i really dont kno. Cnt wait to see Yu... Mwahh Mi Anqel te kieroo '& so does yur father :*

Sincerely, Mamii
State: NY
Country: United States

Name: ValDate: 8/16/2013
Dear Baby...
there are no words..
My Actions...Your Absence
flood each day with such a confusing painful damaging power...there is nothing in the world to do or to say...

down here you would be 4 - the only thing that saves me from private madness is knowing, believing and knowing again that you our with Our Lord and Savior...safer, smarter, more all knowing than me down here..

Your Daddy and I are no further thru the disaster of processing my sick lost choice - we struggle to somehow reconnect..years of trying to get our balance back ..
neither of us can talk deep or long about it..we will never be the same.. and none of it makes any sense ..

Your So Missed and Very Loved...
State: Virginia
Country: United States

Name: JDate: 8/8/2013
My dear sweet girl,

I miss you so much. I wish I had been stronger then, and you would be here now. You are always on my mind and in my heart. I loved you from the moment I found out I was expecting you. When I found out that you may have severe medical conditions, I was scared. How could I give you the best care? I was told that many couples chose to terminate the pregnancy when they were given the same diagnosis we were. At the time, I felt they were right, but now I know I could have taken care of you just fine. I did not know my own strength.

It will soon be two years since that day. I am so glad I had the chance to deliver you, hold you, name you, kiss your tiny sweet face, and have pictures and footprints.

Sweet girl I love you so much. I know God is taking care of you. I hope you can and will forgive me for not giving you the chance at life, and I hope you love me.

Love you always EK,

State: ME
Country: United States

Name: jDate: 7/26/2013
To my precious Angel,
I never met you but that was my own fault I made a decision that changed and I will regret my whole life. I always thought that a child should be brought into a family were the child has a mom and dad together, baby you weren't going to be brought into this world to be in a family and that made me sad I didn't want you to go threw something similar to what I went threw, I didn't have my biological father with me and it hurt so much he forgot about me and started his own family leaving me in the pass. your dad and I had been together for less then 6 months and it seemed too soon, i know its not an excuse and am sorry, daddy and I separated right after you were gone. I love you don’t doubt that, but I was young and I was scare, 03-03-12 was the saddest, worst, most painful day in my life because that day I had to part from you. I will never know if you would of looked like me or your father, would you of had my smile, his style, my eyes, his voice or my lips, would you had been a girl or a boy. But none of that matters all it matters is that you are my baby and you are perfect to me, I love you with all my heart. Baby please forgive me for the decision I took, I regret it because you are part of me, but I know I wouldn't been able to give you everything you needed. I miss you, even though I never got to hold you, or kiss you or look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you. It’s been 1 year and 4 months since we parted baby but the pain is still as alive as the first day. mommy is needing a lot of help to get threw this ! I just want to run to heaven and be with you! nothing else matters!

I love you always and forever my precious angel baby, one day we will be together again.... soon very soon baby! and I promise not to let you go again. I love you.
State: Texas
Country: United States

Name: CristinaDate: 7/24/2013 my lil angels i finally want to tell you im sorry, please forgive me for not having been able to be your mother...yesterday i talked to a couple and in their words...i realized one day ill meet you in heaven and i hope you will fogive me...i know my mom and dad has already met you...they did not know...they would have loved sorry...i know it is maybe not enough but i did not have enough courage...till ill meet you in heaven to apologize, ask for forgiveness and finally hold you and kiss you...know your mom loves you...and maybe you can call me just Cristina as i did not have enough courage to hear you call me mom...i love you.
State: italy
Country: Italy

Name: heatherDate: 7/24/2013
Baby i love you. I wish with all my heart i could go back i
In time and not go through with the abortion. I miss you and wamt to know you and i hope i get to someday. I'm sorry i didnt give you a chance to live. I know you would have been beautiful and amazing. I just didnt really realize what i was doing, i was scared, i am so sorry.
Please forgive me baby. I'd give anything to hold you in my arms r
Right now and tell you how much i love you.
Love always and forever,
State: montana
Country: United States

Name: laraDate: 7/12/2013
To my beautiful baby , I just want you to know me and daddy think about you everyday I'm not coping well with you gone I wish I could of held you in my arms and never let you go ! I hope you can forgive me for what I have done I know your in a better place up in heaven where you will be looked after as you deserve I miss you everyday all I ever wanted was you but you deserve so much more than what we could of given you I hope you know how much mummy loves you and always always will your my everything xxxx sleep tight my perfect little angel xxxxxxxx
State: surrey
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Julia C. V. P. Guimaraes PachecoDate: 7/10/2013
My dear and loved baby, there is one more thing I want you to know... I really want you, I really need you. I know I can't have you anymore in this life, but when the time comes I want to see you and I want to be with you. I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU!


State: Maranhao - Brasil/ Massachussets
Country: United States

Name: Julia C. V. P. Guimaraes PachecoDate: 7/10/2013
My dear baby,

You probably have no idea how I suffer deep inside of my heart and my mind for having aborted you. I have no one to blame, it was mostly my fault, I was weak, I was brainless, I am sorry, I am deeply sorry.Neither me and your daddy had any real idea of what we were doing. because our ignorance, we didn't realize that you were already our baby, you know, we saw you as some kind of a cell that would become a baby, but we didn't link things together, we thought that you were not a baby yet.
From the moment I did this horrible thing to you, I regretted... My baby, have I known what I was doing, I would never have done that. I want you to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and that I will never forget you.
I truly believe that Jesus and His angels, along with our great God, are taking care of you.
I want you to know that you are as important to me as your brother Isaac and I love you as much as I love him. it has been about fifteen years that I changed our lives doing that and I will never forget it and one day I want to see you and hug you and kiss you and tell you that I love you so much. i want to look in your eyes and let you know that.
Your father also have a boy and his name is Caio and I am positive that your father would not do that again and that he loves you.
My dear baby, never forget, MOMMY LOVES YOU!
I don't know why, but if you are a girl, your earthly name would be Elly and if you are a boy, your earthly name would be Elias.
I LOVE YOU MY BABY and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you FORGIVE ME, that you FORGIVE US, for the most sad nd stupid choice that your daddy and I have done.
I hope, really hope to see you and hold you in my arms one day.
State: Maranhao - Brasil/ Massachussets
Country: United States

Name: DougDate: 7/6/2013
My Child,

It makes me want to cry and sometimes still does when I think how I will never have the chance to hold you or see you in your mother's arms. You're with in heaven now because God has kept you to be his first. Everyday I think about you and am reminded of you in so many small ways. Sometimes it hurts me to remember the guilt I first had over your loss but I know you are in a better place now and will never know the pain of this world. Your mommy and daddy were fairly young when they made you and had not been dating as long as most couples having their first baby. It was a difficult time to consider bringing a newborn into this world being so young, but both of your parents still regret losing you. I love you my child and I am not ashamed of you except I am sad that we (your parents) missed out on the opportunity to know what it was like to raise you. A doctor told your mother she wouldn't be able to get pregnant in high school, and you proved him wrong by being a miracle that came too soon since mommy and daddy had not been together very long when you were made. I was not done with college when your brief time in this world ended. It has taken 2 years to finally be able to share these thoughts, but it is not all sadness and guilt in your story, although they are part of the intense feelings you bring up when I often think of you.

I would have always been there for you both to protect you, care for you and mommy (especially while she was pregnant with you), teach you about the world, watch you grow up, and make sure you were brought up right. You would have been the first grandchild for both families and completely spoiled. If you were a little boy, I would teach you how to play sports and be tough like I was raised, except you wouldn't have any older brothers to help me out because you would be the first. I would want you to have your mother's patience and intelligence because I know you would get enough qualities from me growing up. If you were my little girl, you would be my second princess in this world and I would spoil you rotten. Your mother would likely have to intervene since she used to be a cute little girl herself and knows how little girls can have a way of getting what they want, especially from their daddy. I would want you to grow up to be a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman just like your mother. I will never have the opportunity to see either of these happen, my little angel.

You would be just over 2 years old if things ended up differently. My life and your mother's life would both be very different if you were born and became part of our lives because we would have stayed together and made sure you had both parents to raise you after we both graduated college. As hard as it is, we still talk about you all the time but from opposite sides of the country because you mean that much to us both and always will. I've seen you in my dreams along with other relatives who have gone before you and are watching over you. Your mother wears a St. Christopher pendant to make sure your travels to and in heaven are safe. Most people don't know that my right arm is forever marked with a memorial to your short existence in this world and my love for your mother. I know you are looking down on the world from somewhere far away and I hope you have forgiven your mother and I, because we miss you everyday. Your mother carries more guilt than she thinks I have but I wouldn't have have because I cannot say how I would have influenced her decision other than supporting her, which I do to this day. It is selfish for her to claim all of you since she would have never been pregnant if I hadn't contributed half of you genetically and you are still mine regardless. The real test is in the future because you are a part of the past the remains forever present in my heart and hers.The look of love and hope in your mother's eyes when she told me she wanted to have your brother(s) and sister(s) one day is something I will always remember when I think about you. If we do not end up having a family and bringing children into this world, you will still be my child forever.

I love you.

Your Dad
State: TX
Country: United States

Name: KarenDate: 6/19/2013
In March it was a year since I let you go. I thought it would have been easier by now, but in some ways its not. I was 20 years old, unstable, and your father was not meant to be a father. I feel that I'm not even worthy of your forgiveness, but I'm going to ask for it anyway. I hope that one day you can understand my actions and know that I only wanted what was best for you. I wrote you a letter a couple months back, its been sitting zipped up in a pocket in my purse since. I plan to put it inside a balloon and send it up to you..I'm just not ready yet. You were a part of me for approximately 2 months, and even though I chose not to see you or hear you, I was so in love with you. You will always be my angel, and you will always be on my mind. You deserve everything and more..and it puts my mind at ease to know where ever you are you are receiving that. I'm so unbelievably sorry, and I will always love you, my sweet baby.
I hope to see you again one hold you, to kiss you and tell you how sorry I am and that I love you. I'll never forget you.
State: Texas
Country: United States

Name: Never Forgotten 11410Date: 6/18/2013
This is my first step. I can no longer do this alone. I know Lord Jesus has forgiven me but I cannot forgive myself. I cannot believe it's been 3 & a half years since I took your life. I had you inside of me for a little over 6 weeks. I swore I felt your heart beat before you were gone. I felt that you were a boy. I wanted you so much. I cried for 2 hours before I let the Doctor take you from me. No one forced me to do this ; I wouldn't say this was the easier choice but me and your father could not provide you with a life that you deserve. And i knew going to term with you then having to have you get adopted would have been an awesome gift for another couple but it would have also killed me too.
I'm sooooooooo very sorry. Your name would have been Elijah Michael for a boy. If you were a girl Elena Rose. (I really do have a list of baby names ready).
Since you are with Jesus right now ; I just wanted to let you know that me and your father are getting married in a couple of months. We stayed together. He blames himself and we don't talk about you but I know for a fact we both would rewind to that day and change the outcome. You are likely up there with all of your great grandparents and family friends; I hope they are ok with you being there and they are taking care of you like I wish I could be.


Love always and forever,

Heather your mother.
State: NY
Country: United States

Name: MalachiDate: 6/14/2013
Malachi I love you always and forever.
State: NC
Country: United States

Name: KDate: 6/11/2013
Dearest Little One,

If you we're to ask me today why I made the decision I made 9 years ago my answer would be I don't really know. You were not expected. Daddy and I had just gotten engaged to be married. I wanted to go back to school. I wanted a big wedding. I wanted all these very selfish things. Now, I just want you. I hate myself so much for this one thing. I look at your siblings and I wonder what you might have been like. Would you had been a girl or a boy? Would you look like me or your Dad? What color would your hair be? Would it be curly? I often wonder what it is going to be like when I die. IF I go to heaven will you forgive me for what I did? Will you recognize me as your Mommy or as a murderer? I hope you can forgive me. I want you to know that I love you. I love you just as much as I love your siblings who live here with us. I like to think you're in a much better place. You'll never have to experience the pain that can happen with life, broken hearts, crushed hopes and shattered dreams. But, I'm sorry I took that opportunity away. You should of had a chance. I should not have done what I did. I am so sorry. Please tell Jesus I'm sorry. I'm sure he knows. I know you're probably being taken care of by some pretty amazing people. Please tell them I'm sorry, too. I hope I'm not a disappointment to them. I love you.

State: OH
Country: United States

Name: SCDate: 6/8/2013
We love You and want You back Our little person. Please forgive Us and give Us a chance again to make this right.
State: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation

Name: KimberlyDate: 6/6/2013
My Angels
Forgive me because I couldn't be strong because I let life tell me it was not time.I let society tell me I was too young and most of all I let it happen more than once.I know what you guys are thinking how evil could you be can you say you love us when you did it more than once.I was just weak I felt alone and let my mothers tears,my family,s reaction get to me.How i wish I could go back because no matter how many times i hear you did the right thing it feels like i didn't.
Mommy loves you, I want you to know i need you to know that I LOVE YOU with all my heart mommy and daddy have gotten this far because of you.You were our motivation and even though we were never the same and our love changed the love we have for you guys will never change.No matter how much time flies and we get older our angels are engraved in our hearts.I hope your proud of us as graduation gets closer I hope your in heaven having the life I couldnt give you.I love you my sweet angels ill never stop.One day we will be together and ill show my sweet angels that i could have been the best mom.
State: California
Country: United States

Name: melodyDate: 5/7/2013
To: my beutiful babies
Last year when I turned 18 ,I found out I was blessed with a beautiul Baby .I was 5 weeks when I first walked into choices abortion clinic.I remember your father was so upset of my decision and that day when I put on that gown ,looked in that mirror,I faked an asthma attack and ran out of that place!I didn't get it done,I remember I went to the hospital with you many times because I kept bleeding.everytime I bled I would cry cry all night I was so sorry I didn't know what I was doing wrong,.march 24 2012 was the day I signed for you to be terminated .I'm so sorry ,I love you ,you knowi do I cryed nights ,days ,I was angry stil am,your father was angry,I love you ,I prayed for you almolst everynight that your okay in heaven ,iv written poems for you .I even seen you in a dream before,and I love you you are my child ,mommy just wants to give you More then ever.I will always love you,.mothers day is coming this weekend,I'll plant a rose fr you.
I said I would never in my life gt another abortion,yert two weeks ago I found outbi was pregnagt by a older guy,Who definetly didn't approve of my keeping my Baby,that hurt to be in the same spoit once again I felt honestly sdtupid.I love my second child o was only 5 weeks 4days,r.I.p I pray you too babies are okay inlove you gyuys so muvh your my little angels my little babies:-) I prasy you forgive me I'm sorry,I pray you guys look out for each other,

Love mommy:-*
State: ny
Country: United States

Name: AnnaDate: 4/28/2013
My little angel. It has been 13 days since mommy said goodbye to you. I MISS you so very much. I know god is taking care of you the way mommy never could. I miss singing sweet songs to you every night, rubbing my belly and laying with you every night for the past 5 months. I know you were scared the day mommy said goodbye to you. I felt you kicking me like you knew something was different on this day. I want you to know that mommy loves you very much and you didn't do anything to make me leave you. You are in a safe place now, out of harms way. I will visit you one day and when I do I will NEVER let you go. Goodbye my little angel. I will NEVER forget you. I will LOVE you forever & ever.

Love Mommy
State: Ny
Country: United States

Name: MomDate: 4/26/2013
Dear Joel, Hannah & Zoe,

I hope you three have met in heaven. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces some day. It has been many years since my abortions and now you have sisters and brothers on earth. They all know about you and look forward to meeting you some day.

I'm sorry that I was too selfish to carry you to term. No matter the excuses, I never should have made the choice. I know you don't know what I'm talking about! God doesn't either. He's such a gracious and loving God. He remembers our sins no more!

Sing, rejoice and enjoy your perfect little bodies in heaven! I'll see you some day! Can't wait!

Your mom

State: AZ
Country: United States

Name: PamDate: 4/23/2013
Dear Zona this is your name next week i'm gonna be sending you to Jesus our Saviour, He's going to protect you from any pain and suffering and He's going to keep you safe. Your father made a fool of me, gossiped about me to my friends, mocked me infront of his sister and said some really painful stuff. I decided that you my baby does not need a father like that when Jesus can be a better Father for you. It pains my heart just to think about what i am going to do but its better. He is not working at all and im going to be all alone. I've raised your two brothers alone no fathers just alone and i just cannot go through that alone again. You deserve so much better and i will always love. My reasons for aborting you may look silly right now bt their are killing me inside bby, one day we will meet and i hope Jesus will forgive me for this........... Love mommy
State: Western cape
Country: South Africa

Name: TDate: 4/2/2013
Dear my love,

In two weeks it will be a year that i gave you to god and his kingdom. I was forced into a decision of letting you go. i knew it was wrong i tried telling them but i felt as though i would be hated but now i hate myself you were 9 weeks and i cry till this day. i day dream of holding you in my arms of seeing who you were going to be. you were apart of me and i should of stuck up for you like i would myself but now its too late.

I just want to say i love you and im sorry mommy couldn't go back in time to change the choice.

Love mommy.
State: RI
Country: United States

Name: RenaeDate: 3/20/2013






State: california.
Country: United States


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