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Abortion Affecting You?

Maybe it was 25 years ago. Maybe last year. Or last month. Or even yesterday! But you, or someone you know, may be struggling with one or more past abortions. Regrets of a past "choice" are not just "all in your head." Abortion may have affected your life in ways you could have never expected.

If you're tired of trying to just "get over it", pretend it never happened or if you just wish the painful emotions would stop - we're here to give you support and give you hope. 

You are not alone!

Our Abortion Recovery CARE Centers offer after abortion support all over the world to help generations of people overcome the emotional and psychological complications that often accompany an abortion experience.

Millions of women and men who have experienced an abortion have a difficult time with the emotions following. Some suffer in silence. Few suffer aloud. Most suffer for years and even decades!

Others Struggle Too:

Women are not the only ones impacted by the choice to end a pregnancy.  Others may experience after abortion trauma:

  • A parent who helped a daughter and lost a grandchild
  • The boyfriend or husband who insisted or paid for the abortion
  • The father who didn't want the abortion or was unaware that it was happening
  • Siblings who discover a brother or sister is missing
  • The pastor who advised someone to have an abortion
  • A friend who drove her buddy to the clinic

For those who play a role in an abortion or are impacted by one, sometimes the loss of the child is alot to carry emotionally.  You don't have to do it alone.  Abortion Recovery InterNational can help you find the resources that you need.


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We invite you to learn more about how people experience abortion and the amazing healing they find in a recovery program.  You may visit our message boards to see what others say or leave your own comments.

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