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Individuals and organizations that offer counseling, recovery, ministry to people who have emotional struggles often touch the lives of people who've had abortions.  Organizations that work in providing information about abortion also hear stories from people who hurt from a past abortion.

We want to be there for everyone you meet who needs to hear a healing message. Please consider placing a link to on your site so that those who need us can find us. Feel free to grab this image off our site.


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DISCLAIMER:  Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. and services provided by us are referral and informational websites, not professional counseling sites. We are not all licensed therapists, although many of our affiliates may hold those credentials. We are not responsible for the actions performed by any person as a result of anything written within or related to Abortion Recovery InterNational or any division of our organization. By using our services, you agree to these terms.

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. strongly encourages individuals affected by abortion to have completed an abortion recovery program PRIOR to involving themselves in the counseling of others; legal, research, speaking or activism opportunity.












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